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Schedule of Classes and Upcoming Events
Ginga Arts maintains a constantly growing program and events schedule, including programs for at-risk youth, graduation ceremonies, fundraisers and community get-togethers. If you would like to host or volunteer for a Ginga Arts event, please contact us at

Class Schedule
EXPO Center Program:  Tuesdays and Thursdays
 5pm-6pm, Ages 5-10
 6pm-7pm, Ages 11-15
Accelerated Charter Elementary School (ACES):  Resuming Fall 2011

Upcoming Events:
Please join Ginga Arts for a night of kids capoeira performances, sit-down dinner, and silent auction to raise funds for Ginga Arts' capoeira programs for underserved youth in Los Angeles.

We are delighted to have special guest speaker, Jamie Lee Curtis, and live music by Zaboomba.

The event will take place at Grace Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall, 4427 Overland Avenue, Culver City.

Tickets are $55 per person before November 4th and $65 after November 4th. To purchase tickets, click here.

To purchase a table and for additional information, please call (310) 806-0820 or email

Ginga Arts Testimonials

"Ginga Arts instructors were incredibly committed to working with our students. The caring mentors shared the culture of Brazil with the children while at the same time increasing student physical fitness, health and respect for other cultures. As the self-esteem rose, students were refreshed and renewed to face the daily rigors of the classroom.

Our school's API rose from a 684 to 723 during our partnership with Ginga Arts. Our school is deeply committed to providing arts education opportunities that contribute to student's overall well-being. Capoeira connects the mind to the body!"

Tanya DeLeón
Former Principal (2007-2009)
Accelerated Charter Elementary School (ACES)


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